VL3 is simply Magic

High performance
side by side aircraft

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165 kts Top Speed for speed freaks

Special aerodynamic characteristics and performance make this aircraft suitable for both training flight or tourist trips. With a cruising speed of 150 kts, the aircraft is ideal for long-distance flights.

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1200 nm range for real travelers

To the Baltic coast for a morning walk on the beach or to Vienna for sightseeing, followed by a glass of wine in Rome that evening. A weekend flight to Venice or past Mont Blanc to the French Riviera. Write your own travel stories with the VL3 Evolution and expand your flight horizons.

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Amazing short landing

Due to the 55 degree flaps angle, Vl3 has an impressing short landing, you only need 500 feet for landing with full-stop.

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More than 250 planes sold

With more than 250 planes flying, VL3 proved that it is a reliable plane.
Be the next happy owner!

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+15/-6 g ultimate factors for your safety

The VL3 was designed to support more G factors that a human can support. In creating a performance aircraft like the VL3, safety is a top priority.

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Vl-3 Evolution - JMB Aircraft


150 kt

315 km/h



1200 nm

2400 km



500 ft

150 m

Max Load Factors

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+250 VL3s

Max Load Factors


+15/-6 G

Max Load Factors

Cet avion est incroyable

Richard Gouble, Flight Instructor

The plane is our dream

Jean-Baptiste Guisset, CEO JMB Aircraft

We crossed the Atlantic ocean

Olivier Ronveaux, Customer

The plane is pure magic

Jean-Marie Guisset, CEO JMB Aircraft

Ein Flugzeug zum Verlieben

Lisa Zosel, German dealer